Strive Media

Strive Media is a company that builds and owns web brands like Trips to Discover and Insider Car News. With our partners we build awesome content with a huge draw. We're located in Sarasota, FL.

Origin Story

When I started at Strive Media as a front-end web developer, I was tasked with whipping up a new front-end for the company's website. I was still green but I was determined to code the heck out of the awesome design that our team put together. It was to be my first project as the newbie at Strive Media, and I was up to the challenge.

The Approach

I worked closely with the UI designer to come up with a plan. It involved a lot of CSS and SVG animation, syncing some of those animations to user scrolling, and a giant background video.

Breaking it down

Since many of the sections of the site are pretty interactive, I broke up each section into different components and combined them all into single page. This allowed me to easily work on each section individually without interfering with the other sections.

Using the tools

When you are a single developer on a deadline, it makes sense to bring in the help of open source plugins and frameworks whenever you can. In this case: Foundation, ImagesLoaded, Waypoints, and Vide. Integrating all these plugins and making them work with each other was challenging, but ultimately saved a lot of time.

The Final Product

A clean one-page site with all the bells and whistles. Animated SVG's, you got things flipping around, a background video where there is a dog and I eat pizza, it's really awesome. I'm biased, but I think the best thing you can do is go check it out.